The staves used by the Tonnellerie Bernard comes from the stave mills of the Charlois group, family of stave producer since 1807. The selection of oaks, the preparation of the stave, its ageing in the open air are mastered and adapted to the specificities of our cooperage.

After ageing, the pieces of stave are cut short before going into the machine. It gives a slight roundness to each side, bulging the outside and hollowing out the inside. Then the digital joiner slightly narrows the top and bottom of the future stave.

In the stave mill upstream, it is very important to optimize the oak raw material used for the stave as it is very rare *. For this reason the staves which constitute a barrel are of different widths. Then, at the cooperage, the shaping of the staves, described above, is precisely calculated for the bending step. Indeed, only the constraint force of this bending will allow the oak barrel to be waterproof. About 30 staves are required to build it.

* Quality oak staves represent only 2% of the volume of oak in France. Only 7% of the volume of oak purchased by the group produces stave.