Following the bending operation, the aromatic toasting or bousinage reveals the aromatic potential of the oak.

Just like a coffee bean or cocoa bean needs to be roasted to reveal its aromas, oak must go through the fire to release its components. At the start of toasting, the lactones are released, bringing their aromas of fresh wood and coconut (Light toast). With the increase in the intensity of the bousinage, the pastry notes of vanilla and caramel appear gradually (Medium long toast) evolving towards roasted aromas, such as toasted almonds, cocoa and mocha (Medium + toast). By further intensifying the rise in temperature, the toasted bread aromas are revealed (Heavy toast).

During the bousinage phase, the bent barrel is placed on a brazier fed with oak falls. The barrel is then turned over in order to distribute the heat harmoniously, without the flame ever being in contact with the wood. This is a crucial step during which the barrel will reveal its organoleptic qualities. Aware of this issue, our coopers pay particular attention to the rise in temperature and its maintenance over time. The objective is to work on the structure of the tannins and the aromatic palette according to the expectations expressed by our customers. For more information, please contact our technician or our sales manager on +33 (0)6 07 39 83 80.