Bees actively contribute to the pollination of plants, the fruits of which we eat daily*. In France, about 70% of the 6000 species of plants listed, wild and cultivated, are pollinated by pollinating insects. Some plants are totally dependent on them.

By entering into a partnership with Beewizme, Tonnellerie Bernard has chosen to participate in the protection of the black bee (Apis mellifera mellifera) thanks to the increase in the number of colonies on the territory.

Beewizme has thus set up four hives on the cooperage’s plot, located in the heart of the Cognac vineyards and near the Collinaud stream. The presence of water points near the hives is indeed essential to the survival of the colonies. The hives were also placed at the bottom of the valley on shaded ground and sheltered from the prevailing winds.

Beewizme’s philosophy is to practice natural beekeeping in which the well-being of the bee is at the center of the beekeeper’s concerns. Thanks to this practice, the bees work at their own pace while feeding on their honey. The beekeeper thus limits the supply of food (feeding) to what is strictly necessary.

While contributing to the protection and development of black bee colonies, Tonnellerie Bernard is also eager to have its customers and employees taste the surplus honey produced by the bees in its four hives!

*Note that bees are now threatened by chemicals, the lack of natural habitats and the evolution of agriculture.