The blending
of skills

The experience of the FORESTRY EXPERT: sustainable forest management over perpetual seasons guides the finest oaks to maturity, often beyond 150 years. The French Forestry Commission (ONF) is our principal supplier.

The knowledge of the STAVE MILLER: the savoir-faire of the Maison Charlois brings a multi-generational commitment and over 350 years experience to the production of oak staves. The selection of oak and the preparation and natural seasoning of the staves is adapted to the specific requirements of the cooperage.

The craftsmanship of the COOPER: after a minimum of 20 to 24 months of open air aging, the staves are ready for production. Combining traditional techniques with modern equipment creates barrels of the highest quality hand crafted for the aging of the finest wines.

The expertise of the VITICULTURIST: the deep understanding of the vines reveals the best qualities of the fruit.

The artistry of the WINEMAKER: relating talent and seasoned judgement to the nuances of each vintage yields choices that coax the optimum expression from the terroir. It is the harmony of these diverse skills that creates exceptional wines.